Bike Tours in Florence & Tuscany for everyone, that’s how we work-
We are all so excited to dive into the new upcoming season biking in Tuscany!  While Spring is just around the corner, a few days ago we had a delicious breakfast and a nice chat with  Lourdes of Discover Tuscany.

Thank you, Lourdes, we can’t wait to enjoy Tuscany with you on two wheels!  Piero, Elena & the Bike Florence&Tuscany team


Bike Tours in Florence & Tuscany for everyone!

Knowledgeable, Friendly Service, Great Bikes and Full Support Make for a Great Day!

When you first meet Piero and Elena, your first impression is how friendly and down-to-earth they both are. Together, they run “Bike Florence & Tuscany” tours and they love what they do! You can see this in the way they talk about what they do and why: they readily transmit their passion of Tuscany and cycling to everyone that has the luck to find and book a tour with them to explore Tuscany on a bike.

bike tours in Florence Tuscany

I’ve known Piero for years as he was co-owner of one of the largest bike stores in Florence where I got several of my bikes (so you’ve got excellent bikes and an expert on hand at all times). I get around most everywhere on two wheels but the hills out of Florence are usually my greatest challenge. For this reason, I was excited to meet up with both of them to learn more about what they do.

Asking them about their project (BF&T just turned 3 years old), it is amazing and thrilling to see someone turn what they love doing into their daily job. It is a tiring job, to be sure, particularly “once the season turns warm and we are out on the road practically every day”, Piero admits. While they have trusted assistants during the high season, they pretty much do this out of love of the outdoors and cycling so they will likely stay a small operation. And that’s a good thing, my friends, when you are looking for a special experience in Tuscany and they care about ensuring you have one!

Ready for some cycling?

Whether you’re an occasional rider, cycle only on the weekends or are an avid cyclist, the bike tours offered by Piero and Elena will be the perfect way to experience the best of Tuscany no matter what shape you’re in. You get to challenge yourself during the ride, and enjoy first-hand some of the greatest things the region has to offer: great views, delicious wine & food, see history come alive as you stop to explore medieval hilltop towns and even do some shopping! The tours are offered for all levels, but they truly are customized to each group, which is never more than 7 people.

Back Roads to See Off-the-Beaten-Path Tuscany

bike tours in Florence Tuscany

Would you like to take on the challenge of biking in Tuscany, without any worries?

If you do, consider Bike in Florence & Tuscany Tours for the following reasons:


  • departure from Florence, Chianti or where you are based
  • tours for all levels
  • small groups up to 7
  • back roads away from traffic
  • van support at all times


  • I can’t think of any – will get back to you on this one ?

I ask them to describe what they do: Elena highlights that their tours offer a different way to experienceChianti and Tuscany with a bit of a challenge (the cycling) while having fun. In the end, “our tours are actually day tours of Tuscany rather than bike tours”, Elena explains. You will see beautiful scenery, stroll through the enchanting medieval hilltop towns of Chianti, enjoy great Tuscan wines and food and do some sightseeing as well. All things you can, of course, “do from a car, to be sure” but getting on a bike actually takes you “into Tuscany, into the scents and colors of the country.” The way Elena describes these tours, you gather that they are about enjoying a special overall experience and that no one aspect dominates over the other.

Worried about the hills? The most important thing to remember is this: you always have the support van nearby. If you need a break, you can climb on. “Once I demonstrate how fast I can put the bikes on and off the van, everyone is reassured that they can take advantage without creating a problem for anyone else,” says Piero. The tours bring together people from all walks of life and ages but are organized by length/skill level. So you should be out with others in your same fitness level. But it can still turn out to a hot day or a windy day and your energy supply might need replenishing. Piero and Elena have got your back, with water, snacks, and stops along the route.

Both Piero and Elena have taken the time to personally explore all of the back-roads and design routes that take you away from road traffic, providing views of Tuscany that you likely would not have seen from a car on the main roads.

While their “San Gimignano to Siena” and “Tuscany Wine Lovers” remain their most requested tours, there are several other tours in Chianti as well as routes in Mugello, Valdarno, Florence and are open to creating a fully customized ride for anyone who is interested.

Explore an Enchanting Florence

bike tours in Florence Tuscany

If you don’t have the time to get out into Chianti or Tuscany but would still to experience riding a bike while in Florence, their “Enchanting Florence” tour offers another great way to see the sights while stretching your legs. The tour concentrates on the Oltrarno area where many local Florentines still populate the city center before heading uphill to enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the city from the Piazzale Michelangelo and San Miniato.

The reviews I found online all express the greatest satisfaction at Piero and Elena’s great hospitality, knowledge of the region and professional service. While Piero admits that the days can be long, they are “deeply satisfying”. To know that everyone that participates in their tours “ends the day being thrilled with their accomplishments, often bonding with other members of the group and always saying the day’s experience is the best part of their trips,” says Piero, “is what makes our job wonderful and worth doing every day.”

I ended up our chat with the intention of joining in on a tour with Piero and Elena soon (and will come back and update this with my own experience then! ?). If you are looking for a great experience of mixing biking in Tuscany with seeing many of its treasures, I suggest you take a look at the tours Piero and Elena

 Author: Lourdes Flores, Discover Tuscany