Terms & Conditions

All tours by Bike Florence&Tuscany, hereinafter referred to as BF&T, are offered on condition of full acceptance, without any modification whatsoever, of the following Terms and Conditions.

Tour Prices

Tour prices are based on current exchange rates, costs and taxes. BF&T reserves the right to increase prices to cover increases in costs and taxes, or as a consequence of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. Tour prices are valid through December 2024.

Deposits for Private Clients

Single day tours : a €50 deposit per person is required to reserve the tour.
Private tours :  a 30% deposit is required to reserve the tour.
Multi–day tours :  a 30% deposit is required to reserve the tour.

A tour shall not be considered reserved until said deposit is received. The deposit is payable by credit card and is refundable by cancellation made within 7 days prior to the departure (5% practice management will be deducted from the total). With less than 7 days notice of cancellation the deposit is not refundable.
Cancellation by client with  less than 48 hours notice or non show (for any reason) will entail the charge of the total remaining balance of the tour booked.

Deposits for Travel Agents/Tour Planners/Villa Rentals

In order to secure their reservation, Travel Agents /Tour Planners /Villa Rentals are required to pay a deposit of 30% – payable by credit card – of the total tour cost. Said deposit will not be refundable.
The full payment is required at least 30 days prior the tour date.
In case of tour cancellation notice within 15 days prior to the departure  50% of the total cost of the tour will be reimbursed (5% practice management will be deducted from the total).
In case of tour cancellation notice within 7 days prior to the departure 20% of the total cost of the tour will be reimbursed (5% practice management will be deducted from the total).
With less than 7 days notice of cancellation the entire cost of the tour will be forfeited.

BF&T  provides participants with bicycles and helmets. All provided equipment will be delivered in perfect condition and must be returned in the same condition by the client at the end of the tour.

BF&T  is not responsible for severe, unpredictable and inclement weather conditions. Tours will go on as planned. BF&T reserves the right to decide at its own discretion with regard to the appropriateness and safety of performing a tour. However, whenever possible and subject to the availability of BF&T and of its clients, the trip will be rescheduled. As an alternative, should the conditions impede the rescheduling of the trip, clients may participate in other tours and activities, such as wine tasting, visiting local areas of interest by car, etc.
BF&T guarantees that all possible efforts will be made to maintain the tour as planned in accordance with the description provided for each tour. However, it reserves the right to change trip itineraries, events, and activities at any time due to circumstances beyond its control. In case of any change, deviation or necessary adjustment, BF&T will provide comparable substitutions in keeping with the company policies.

Please read this carefully

Safety is of utmost importance to BF&T and every measure will be taken to make sure our tours are fun and safe activities. However, participants must acknowledge and agree to the following:
Cycling is an intense physical activity and may be accompanied by health risks. Specifically, participants must state and certify they are in good riding condition, free from any ailment, physical condition or health problem that is likely to be intensified, aggravated or worsened by the activity.
Participants know how to ride a bicycle safely and within the limits of the law.
Participants must use the equipment provided by BF&T practicing common sense, with prudence and diligence, and always at their own risk.
Note that to attend our small group shared tours children are required to be at least 12 y.o.
This is meant with the only exception of private&custom excursions such as the Family biking tours.
In any case, participating children must be accompanied at all times by at least one parent, who shall take full responsibility for said child.

When participating in a tour with BF&T , participants take full responsibility of their well-being and for any cost they may incur in the event of an accident. Specifically, BF&T waives all claims for damages made against it and/or any of its guides, employees and personnel, and shall in no way whatsoever be liable for damage to BF&T property and equipment, as well as to the participant and third parties, caused in the course of and/or during activities, bike tours and events organized through BF&T .
Likewise, participants assume full responsibility for damages and/or injury, to the participant and/or any third party, associated with cycling, such as but not limited to, the act of cycling, falling, weather conditions, traffic conditions, road conditions, and damage that may be caused by the participant while on his or her bicycle.

Jurisdiction for any dispute is Florence, Italy.