Downhill to Florence


Heading downhill to Florence
through towns of Roman origin
on a scenic, fun & easy biking adventure with gelato as final treat!


€ 140 per person

Tour Details

Small group bike tour, from 4 to 8 people

Single day Tuscany bike tour

Your day schedule
Pick up: 9.00 a.m.
Drop off: 3.30 p.m.

Biking Experience
Easy to moderate

Distance traveled by Cycling
13/17 miles

Downhill to Florence bike tour | view onto the city |

Downhill to Florence bike tour | view onto the city |

Downhill to Florence bike tour!
Ready for a fun, easy-going single day bike tour of  Tuscany from Florence?

Our support van will pick you up in the morning and whisk you off to the one of a kind panoramic vista at Monte Senario. Founded by seven devote Florentine men, you will stop in at the monastery which has been noted among the locals since before the year 1250. Soak in the tranquility, the calm and the natural beauty, maybe even taste their special elixir, made with 17 herbs and spices from a secret recipe passed down generation after generation.

The bike tour starts its descent passing through the lush green landscape of Mugello, the land of the Medici family, medieval castles and WWII landmarks.  The easy itinerary passes through small towns like that of Settignano, whose roots go much deeper than the Roman Emperor who gave the town its name (Settimio Severo from the end of the II century A.D.)  You will have time to take photos,  and feel the atmosphere of the town where Michelangelo once lived and Mark Twain was inspired to write.

Downhill to Florence bike tour is pedaling downhill, just a short distance outside of the city walls of Florence, while admiring the stupendous panoramic views from Fiesole.

Cruise by remnants of Etruscan walls, Roman baths, and the Badia, the ancient cathedral of St.Romulus, built in 1028.

This amazing town invites you to stretch your legs and admire the awe-inspiring archaeological park with its very own Roman amphitheater.

On the Downhill to Florence bike tour even the teens will get excited about seeing the stone reminders of a glorious past – Or maybe it is the best gelato ever to makes them smile?

From here your exhilarating bike tour of Tuscany follows a meandering path downhill to the Arno River, stopping often for the perfect photo of the Florence skyline.

The Downhill to Florence bike tour tour ends in the city, where you will have time for (another) delicious gelato!

Please note that this ride is fun, easy & safe, however, the initial track can be steep and therefore not suitable for those afraid of descents. Min.age requested to join this biking adventure is 12 YO.

Downhill to Florence bike tour | along the Arno river |

Downhill to Florence bike tour | along the Arno river |

Downhill to Florence bike tour, a Family Favorite Tuscany bike tour!

The Downhill to Florence bike tour is absolutely family friendly since the itinerary is practically always in descent.

For the adults in the group, there are breathtaking views of the Renaissance City (Florence, Italy), Fiesole, and a few other enchanting surprises along the way. While for the younger crowd, the Bike Florence & Tuscany team makes a point of creating a “kid-friendly” atmosphere by including gelato stops, fun stories & legends of the area and glimpses of authentic Roman ruins. All of this fun for adults and kids happens while effortlessly cruising downhill to Florence on your amazing one day bike tour Tuscany.
Safety is always a priority in all of our tours, especially when there are kids biking.

The Downhill to Florence Bike Tour features:

  • Breathtaking views from about 2660 feet onto the Mugello Valley & Florence
  • Visit one of the oldest, most important monastery of Italy
  • Time to visit Fiesole with its Roman amphitheater
  • Typical Tuscan recipes for lunch at a small local trattoria
  • Panoramic views from Fiesole overlooking the Florence skyline
  • Finish-up with Piero & Elena’s favorite homemade gelato shop
  • Estimated biking time: 1.5 to 2.5 hour
Our favorite artisans gelato shop | Downhill to Florence bike tour |

Our favorite artisans gelato shop | Downhill to Florence bike tour |

Elena & Piero say the Downhill to Florence bike tour is especially great if you are:

  • Searching for a fun family oriented activity while traveling with kids & teenagers (min. 12 yrs)
  • Wanting a bike tour of Tuscany as one day “city escape” from the art museums, historical monuments & busy tourist life
  • Wishing to discover hidden off-the-beathen corners of the stunnunig Tuscany countryside
  • Eager to visit the fabulous stone ruins which date back to the Etruscan-Roman origins of both Fiesole & Florence
  • Love Happy Ending = gelato at our favorite artisan producer in the living Florence



  • Distance traveled: about 13 or 17 miles / 21 or 27 Kms.
  • Your pick-up and drop-off in Florence.
  • Piero-Elena leading your day.
  • Full guidance and van support.
  • High quality light-frame 27-speed fitness bicycle, helmet, water bottle.
  • Snacks&treats for your ride.
  • Your Tuscan lunch in Fiesole.
  • Best home made gelato.
  • Min. Age 12 y.o.-

We will be glad to pick you up even if you are staying outside Florence.
Please Contact Us for further details and personalized arrangements or Book Now your favorite tour!