Guided bike tours in Tuscany


Piero Didona & Elena Boscherini found each other in Mongolia “by chance” in 2010, during an MTB Endurance competition.

And that’s where it all began: there was an immediate “feeling” which ended up being a “fatal attraction” for both of them.

We are talking about the two founders and owners of Bike Florence & Tuscany, the two (and only) tour leaders of the company.


About us! Who is Piero Didona?

Native Florentine Piero always had a passion for outdoor activities and any type of sport ever since he was a child. MTB and road bike enthusiast, Piero founded and ran the largest bike shop in Florence for over 20 years. He sold the bike shop and founded Bike Florence & Tuscany with Elena. Piero loves sharing his affinity for cycling, and the traditional-healthy local food and culture with guests from all over the world.

We want you to have a fresh and different view of Tuscany,” says Piero, “ for deeply living your Italian experience. We work hard every day for exceeding your expectations, aiming to give you the experience of a lifetime, on two wheels!

Piero is detail oriented and attentive to bike safety and he serves as the calming element of the team, offering reassurance every step of the way. He will encourage you to do your best at whatever speed you need and, when you’re done he will just as easily pack up your bike, load you into the support van, and converse with you while trailing the group.

About us ! Who is Elena Boscherini?

Elena was born in Verona where she lived and worked until 2010. For over 25 years, she worked as a key account manager, sales coordinator, and area manager for Global Companies located in the north of Italy. Even though she had a desk job, she was (and still is) super active, in fact, she’s been practicing all types of sports since a very young age.

She loves traveling around the world for MTB/Road bike competitive events and sometimes, travels just for fun – but always with a bike!

She moved permanently to Florence in 2010 for love – is there any better reason? – and started to actively pursue her passion for cycling. Elena, Co-owner of Bike Florence & Tuscany, is a powerhouse, and her energy and zeal for cycling bubbles over and touches everyone in the group. She has a “can-do” attitude which infuses even the most reluctant participant to become a team player.

About us! How do they work? They give it their absolute best!

Bike Florence & Tuscany is Family-run Boutique Business as well as fully licensed tour operator in Florence.

Piero&Elena are the only ones to lead your bike tours from Florence: no free-lance guide or temporary collaborator will ever be responsible for guiding their guests.
They prefer small group bike tours from Florence to the Chianti Area, Siena and beyond to guarantee a memorable, immersive & intimate experience.

They value your time and trust. Every morning, between 8:30 – 9 AM, depending on the destination, their pristine, air-conditioned van will be easily recognizable at the pick-up meeting point. It has been already loaded with bikes that have been calibrated for your height, helmets, water and snacks.

Both are proud to be a representative of one of the most beautiful and beloved cities in the world, Florence the capital city of  Tuscany in Italy.

Piero & Elena are honored to guide your small group bike tours from Florence to discovery Tuscany, their territory, the local recipes, and delicious wines, as well as the amazing Tuscan art cities, small towns, and medieval villages.

And they love that they can do all this in the most beautiful, exciting, and actively-engaging way that exists: riding a bike SAFELY & FUN!

They Lead the Way in Quality Service

They know how to guide you on the safest routes, those that boast little traffic, and the most scenic routes, with many beautiful photo spots.

Piero & Elena know which are the best trattorias and restaurants and they have already searched out the best small family-run “cantine” (wine cellars) in the Florentine and Siena Chianti area. These are places that only locals know about – locals, like Piero & Elena, who are passionate about their territory.

They are looking forward to taking a biking tour of Tuscany with you, which will include fun, carefree moments, and even a bit of adventure, including something for even the littlest of cyclers! This duo truly believes that a day out of the city, museums, monuments, and markets will recharge your batteries. Their tours give you an opportunity to absorb the energy from a day in the open air, under the bright Tuscan sun – hopefully they can even whet your appetite to keep cycling as much as possible even after you return home.

Cycling is the greenest two-wheeled way to keep fit, burn a few calories, and it can be done alone or in company, discovering new personal horizons or re-discovering everyday joys.

They are waiting for you with open arms to take you cycling in Tuscany !

PS: After 10 years of living together and doing business together Piero and Elena were married on the 16th of November, 2019. Hence, if you are wondering whether “they are a couple?” – the answer is YES, happily married.