This is the only Wine Experience in Tuscany

that you will ever want

Deep within the famous area of Chianti, completely surrounded by vineyards, stone farmhouses, white powdered trails winding through the olive groves, small boutiques and antique cantinas, you will find your final destination for the only wine experience you will need while in Tuscany.

Pedaling in Chianti - Bike Florence&Tuscany

Chianti bike tasting tour

After pedaling the spectacular vistas of the Tuscan landscape on the  Tuscany Wine Lovers Tour, guided by Piero and Elena from Bike Florence&Tuscany, and enjoying two wine tastings based on Chianti Classico, you will be presented with a special little borgo which has retained much of its medieval skyline: Monteriggioni.

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The hamlet of Monteriggioni

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in a quiet corner of Tuscany where you can imagine yourself in medieval times, climbing the walls for amazing photos and participating in a wine tasting experience that has been organized just for you.

A walled fortification was built by the city of Siena in the early 1200’s  to protect it from the aggressive assaults of its northern nemice: Florence.  There were originally 14 towers that dominated the hilltop keeping guard until the mid 1550’s when, with an almost unforgivable act of treason, the guardian of the city peacefully handed the key over to the Florentines and the Medici family.

It’s a Wine Education

 Rows of Chianti vineyards |

Tuscany Wine Lovers bike tour

In fact, they don’t call this a wine tasting tour – but rather a wine “education” tour, offering you the possibility to savor the different types of wines within Tuscany while learning what distinguishes these flavors from so many others. The last visit will include organic wines from autoctone grapes grown in the Chianti Senese hills producing a unique white wine blend of Tuscan grapes

They carefully selected the stops on this tour for the views and the quality wines.
Bike Florence & Tuscany will tell you, this hamlet offers so much more than its position, its view or its enchanting vias and roads; they choose this town because it is here you can find one of the cantinas of the Monte Chiaro wine estate, and it is here that they will give you a fun and tantalizing wine education.

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Get it straight from the source

Tuscany wine lovers bike tour |

The wine experience in Monteriggioni

Read on while Seila, wine expert and sommelier with the vineyard, gives you a bit of insight on what to expect from this adventure:

No one else can offer what you got?

That’s right, the best organic wines from our estate in the heart of the Senese Chianti, a handcrafted delicacy found only in Tuscany, and more just outside of Monteriggioni and within view of Siena.

What distinguishes your tasting from others?

This is a wine tasting adventure where the participants are active players, we encourage them to truly savor the different flavours till they have that sparkle in their eye, which tells us “they get it”. It is our job, as both producer and sommelier, to arm our guests with all the necessary tools to distinguish the tannins, the flavor of the aging process and to help them recognize the sensations that are happening in their mouths…and stomach!

Chianti bike tasting - Bike Florence&Tuscany

Your Wine Experience is ready to start

Can the teachers make a difference?

The wine is presented by people who have an invested interest in its history, and its production. Their title of sommelier is instrumental in communicating key factors the structure of the wine and about the delicate pairings with the local flavors.

What is so different about your wine tasting?

Firstly, we prefer to consider it a “wine education”. It needs to be said, not all wines are created equal and just within the confines of Tuscany, there are 100’s of different types of wine. Obviously, there is a reason for this! Some of it is the terroir, or the producer’s creativity, the variety of grapes and even the weather. And each wine has its perfect food combination. We want our guests to see how our wine exalts the natural flavours of the traditional recipes from this area, including its pasta, cheeses, jams, and salami.

Why do you do it?

Quite honestly, we are passionate about our wine and we want people to enjoy it. And. We are passionate about our traditions, both food, and culture. It is really my pleasure to introduce all of this “bontà” to guests who want to learn more about why this area is so special.

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Wine Expert Seila & the Owner Alessandro leading your wine education in Monteriggioni

Where does all of this mixing & matching take place?

Ahhh… I won’t tell you the exact location, but I can tell you that it is one of the oldest “cantinas” or wine cellars in Monteriggioni, entrenched in the basement of one of the original Palazzos facing the main square! We believe it is an adventure you will always remember.

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