Exhilarating Tuscany bike tours!

Pedaling Through the Seasons
on an Unforgettable Journey Through Tuscany’s Rich Offerings

For discerning travelers seeking an immersive, intimate journey through Tuscany’s history, culinary delights, and picturesque landscapes our bespoke small group bike tours from Florence offer an unparalleled experience.

Throughout the year, Tuscany welcomes cycle tourist with open arms, promising a tapestry of experiences that evolve with each passing season.

Flock of sheep along the way

Exhilarating Tuscany bike tours pedaling through the seasons


Spring is for everybody the revitalizing season of the year!
As nature awakens, Tuscany bursts into vibrant hues, painting a breathtaking backdrop for your cycling adventures.
Pedal through the serene countryside adorned with blossoming vineyards and fragrant olive groves on van supported bike tour from Florence.

Spring days may be rainy at times.
When you join a bespoke fully van supported bike tour in Tuscany you are covered anyway:  in the case of sudden spring shower the sag is at full disposal to help!

And as soon as  the weather clears up (as it often does), you can still get some riding in! 

Don’t worry about the rain getting in the way of a great day!

Tuscany is just as beautiful (if not more so) and we’ll make sure you see and experience it in a way that will not disappoint.

Our fully guided , van supported bike tours of Tuscany ensure you’ll uncover hidden historical gems, from ancient ruins to medieval villages, while our van support guarantees a seamless journey, leaving you free to savor every moment.

Blooming Spring in Chianti

Exhilarating Tuscany bike tours pedaling through the seasons


Summer is a great season for joining your memorable one-day bike tour from Florence escaping the heat of the busy city.

Summer is when Tuscan sun blankets the landscape, our tours adapt to offer a perfect blend of cycling and leisure. Explore the region’s rich history, including Renaissance artistry in Florence or the medieval charm of Siena, before relishing the renowned local cuisine. With van support at your disposal, indulge in wine tastings at prestigious vineyards without worrying about logistics.

Sunflowers in Tuscany are probably one of the most iconic symbols of this region.  That is after the leaning tower of Pisa, the Duomo of Florence and the vineyards of Chianti.

When sunflowers are in season, from mid-June to mid-August, they liven up the scenery and warm your hearts with the bright yellow petals which seem to follow the path of the Tuscan sun from dawn to twilight.

Sunflowers in full bloom – San Gimignano to Siena bike tour

Exhilarating Tuscany bike tours pedaling through the Seasons


Fall in Tuscany is simply amazing : a Tuscany bike tour transform your day out of the city into a canvas of golden hues during this season.

Cyclists are treated to a sensory delight as they pedal through a patchwork of amber-colored vineyards and enjoy the crisp air of the harvest season. Delve into the heart of Tuscan gastronomy with our guided tours, discovering the art of wine-making and savoring delectable local dishes.

”My wife and I spent the day with Elena & Piero biking through Chianti to Siena. It was an incredible day!
The experience was more than either of us expected.
Piero and Elena explained the history of the region throughout the day.
They gave us time to explore and enjoy on our own and guided us through an amazing bike ride.
The scenery was spectacular!
The tour of the winery and wine tasting was fantastic.
We had perfect weather October 28th.
No way to make this any better, it was perfect! ” Guest review 

Bike tours in Tuscany – Autumn view 


Exhilarating Tuscany bike tours pedaling through the Seasons


Even in the quieter months, Tuscany retains its enchanting allure.

The absence of crowds grants you exclusive access to renowned sites, providing an intimate glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage. Wrap up your bike tour in Tuscany day indulging in heartwarming Tuscan specialties and local wines, nestled in cozy trattorias.

Our Tuscany bike tours are meticulously crafted for history enthusiasts, oenophiles, and food connoisseurs seeking an authentic Tuscan experience. With our expert guides, you’ll uncover the stories behind each cobblestone and vineyard, fostering a deeper connection with this mesmerizing land.

Exhilarating bike tours Tuscany? YES PLEASE, all year round!

Embark on an unforgettable journey where each season narrates its unique tale in Tuscany.
Join us on our fully guided and van-supported bike tours from Florence, where history, wine, and gastronomy converge in a harmonious symphony, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.