Traveling with Kids – One day bike tour in Tuscany
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Parents traveling with kids understand the challenge of finding activities to keep the holidays interesting for all ages. Piero and Elena, owner and guide at Bike Florence & Tuscany know how to transform Tuscany, its food and history, into the kind of adventure that kids love.

Their itineraries reflect a wide range of destinations, adapting to interests and skill levels of the participants. Years of experience on the road with families have them particularly sensitive to pacing the adventure and keeping it safe. Above all, this duo has designed their kid-friendly itineraries to bring groups and families together with fun, laughter, and activity.

Traveling with Kids: Sunflowers in Tuscany on the Bike Tour San Gimignano to Siena

Sunflowers in Tuscany on the Bike Tour San Gimignano to Siena

Traveling with kids : Friendly Itineraries make the difference on your one day bike tour in Tuscany

There are two principle tours geared for the enthusiasm of young riders and their skill on a bike. Elena normally suggests that her guests look at: San Gimignano to Siena Tour and the Downhill to Florence Ride when traveling with kids. These adventures mix all the right incentives for ages ranging from pre-teen to high school students.  The itineraries encourage them to engage in the activity while they get to see the best of Tuscany.

This first best-seller bike tour in Tuscany – San Gimignano to Siena – features a medieval town itinerary which teases the imagination with the idea of knights in shining armor and lofty lookout towers. The mainly backroad paths keep it safe for kids and those classified as “occasional” biker riders. T

The second tour – Downhill to Florence (pls notice min.requested age in 12 yo!) – starts above Florence and glides into the city of Fiesole before ending in the “Renaissance City”. Traveling with kids is … safe & fun!

When it comes right down to it, we see that the kids are not too concerned about the destination, they just really enjoy the family time: having everyone together. – Elena, professional bike guide for Bike Florence & Tuscany

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Traveling with kids – One day bike tour in Tuscany –
Must be Safe & Easy!

Bike Florence & Tuscany have been guiding groups in the Tuscan countryside and hills outside of Florence for several years. Piero, and his experience with bike mechanics, takes special care that the bikes are in excellent condition. Everyone has safety gear! He pays attention to the helmet fit, bike height, and the correct use of the gears, brakes, and pedals. After the fitting of the bikes, Piero is a constant presence in the support van — just in case someone decides they prefer to skip the next hill. There is never any pressure to go forward or sit it out; the rhythm is set by the bikers and not by a tight time schedule!

I felt safe and secure because anytime we had to cross a road or intersection, Piero was there to stop the traffic with his fluorescent yellow vest. We had our own personal crossing guard. Denise, guest in March 2023

Attentive & Personal Service : that’s utmost importance when you are traveling with kids!

Then there is the watchful eye of Elena, who will lead you through the antique trails of the famous via Francigena, fields of sunflowers and vineyards. Elena is in the mix of it all, she is on the bike right there with you, leading the kids down the paths and roads.  She takes time to indicate points of interest and offer words of encouragement to spur on even the most resistant family member. Of course, she will also point out the best gelato shops in every town, which is the perfect incentive to keep on pedaling. Her job as leader of the pack is to set a pace that everyone can enjoy while keeping the tour full of energy. Elena is in constant contact with the support van via radio, and signals when snacks, water or a panoramic break is in need.

Family fun activity Traveling with Kids:- Bike Florence&Tuscany

Choose your Kids Bike Level : so important when you’re traveling with kids by bicycle!

The idea is to combine the great views, the distinct flavors of Tuscany and fun! The itineraries are not only diverse in their scope, including activities for all ages, but they are flexible for all levels of skilled riders varying in length and dislevel.

The team at Bike Florence & Tuscany is dedicated to combining the right tour with the right skill level and family interests.

The San Gimignano to Siena Tour covers three of the most popular towns in Tuscany.  Each stop on the tour gives you ample time to explore on foot at a time when the city is the least crowded. While out in the countryside you can’t help but admire the landscapes and the skylines of the medieval tower towns.

A bike tour in Tuscany or Florence will allow you to combine different activities and interests; the kids will be having fun eating ice cream, while the adults will be tasting some of the finest wines from Monteriggioni and Chianti.

An important feature of the tour is that the fun doesn’t stop because someone is tired; the support van always has room! The van follows the same itinerary and same great views as the bikers, stopping frequently with water and energy snacks.

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Traveling with Kids: Downhill to Florence - Bike Florence&Tuscany

Best Way to Have Fun when Traveling with Kids in Tuscany

There are those who want culture, food, wine, and traditions. Then there are those who want to visit the small towns and vineyards, admire the landscape and study the artwork. Let’s not forget those who just want to shop till they drop! And we are just talking about the parents!

I see that kids love the contact with nature, they get excited when the road changes with small challenges or when we pass by a farm and the piglets and chickens are out. Piero, professional bike guide and owner Bike Florence & Tuscany

But the kids, whatever their age, they just want to have fun! The team at Bike Florence & Tuscany understands that the beauty of Tuscany, Florence, and Chianti needs to be made interesting on their level. The best way to get them excited about Tuscany is to get the family pedaling on the easy and safe tours with Bike Florence and Tuscany.

Traveling with kids in Tuscany can present a challenge! Find the perfect adventure that makes the family vacation come alive

A bike tour will have them using up a bit of that pent up energy and have them create fun memories as a family.

Traveling with Kids: Family Downhill to Florence bike tour - Bike Florence&Tuscany

Biking with the Family is Fun

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